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Saturday, May 19, 2012


So are any of you left? That's ok. I forgot I even had this thing. Stupid Facebook. Hmm..where did we leave off? - The NY Giants won the Super Bowl. YES. I bought a bottle opener key chain at JFK airport about 6 weeks was on sale. YES. - Annika has become a fluent reader. Today she read her first "chapter book" all in one day. I remember the first chapter book I read all the way through by myself...Freckle Juice. Sigh. Those were the days. Annika lost her two front teeth ("her two front teeth...") and looks adorable. She talks all the time. Asks a zillion questions. - Declan turned 3. He can even put his fingers in the correct position! He wants so very bad to pee in the potty, but he says "It won't work...EVERY TIME!" Of course, there are toys on the line..hence the frustration. He told me "Yeah, I wear baby diapers, but I am a big boy." He talks all the time. Asks a zillion questions. - Chris is tired, but maybe a little less so...trying a new schedule where he gets up a wee bit later has made a little difference. We're going to the SF Giants as a pre-birthday/post Christmas present. Not like they're going to win the Super Bowl or anything...but I'll go. Oh, and he totally got me a bound book with the entire blog in it for my birthday! It's gorgeous and now if the Internet blows up because aliens have taken over the earth, I will still remember the time when Annika first held her own bottle and Declan drove a car for the first time. Take that, Internet!
See you in 5 months!...just kidding...not really. Maybe.

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So...where have we been?

I was glancing at the last year of archives on this, and seen I only really update when there's a big event. Christmas, Halloween, first lost tooth, etc. I realize that's sort of the point of this blog, but I know you're all anxious to hear about our everyday lives, right? I mean, they're soooo fascinating.

Chris and I are busy at work. I went on a business trip to NYC last week which was pleasantly without travel complications. May the travel gods be with me throughout 2012! I'm also getting in the groove at my new place of employment, and really enjoy the people there. I love the flexibility and the quality of work. However, my "commute" (I put that in quotes for my dad since his is nearly 2 hours, and mine isn't even close) has tripled (from 7 to 21 minutes) but I'd say that's the most negative thing. I guess I'll take it!

Annika loves first grade, loves her teacher, loves her friends…she's a happy kid. Her first report card this year was extremely impressive – scoring above average in almost all subjects (they don't use letter grades yet, I'll spare you the complicated details) and is picking up reading very fast. I see her reading signs and listening to me & Chris when we spell stuff to avoid their prying ears…time is ticking away on that luxury. She also has a little boy crush at school which is advanced, but I am reminded of chasing boys around when I was in Kindergarten…so I can't really be too worried.

Declan started preschool at the beginning of the year and the adjustment was rough at first. He has always had issues with "transitions" - I.e. Taking him to his grandparents every morning ("No! I don't want to go! I want to stay!") and then being picked up in the evenings ("I want to stay here! I don't want to go home!"). He's also always had issues – since he was a newborn – with people leaving him. When one of us would leave a room, he would start crying and the person would return…and he's be better. He is always taking a mental picture of everyone in his space so he can account for their whereabouts. So, to 1) transition him to a preschool that is new and 2) to leave him there without a person he knows, well…it was rough. He cried for the first week every time we dropped him off, but in the last 2 weeks he's been more excited to go and says that he "likes to play there." Last week, he told us he was bit by a little boy, and then ythis week he came home with a mark and a band-aid! Apparently, this kid is a known biter and after confirming that Declan was not the aggressor ("Declan? Oh no, he's really good – he would never start a fight") we had to tell the school to keep an extra careful watch and we'd have to pull him out if it happened again…which is a bummer because we love the school, love the teachers and Annika went there – we have a lovely history with this place. Is it normal to keep a "known" biter at a preschool? How many strikes until he's out?

So in case you made it this far you can see that our lives are pretty boring and pretty full. Just the way I like it.

Oh and ...GO GIANTS!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Kids are being pretty must be Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you who still read this thing. Much love to you all and hope we see you soon.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas

The reviews are in...they are excited about the Christmas!